Darrin Stafford


MPS - Darrin Stafford

As Chief Operating Officer, Darrin is responsible for setting the MPS’ Vision and implementing strategies to achieve its overarching objectives that are centered around sustainable growth, customer satisfaction and the company’s employees. From a day-to-day standpoint, Darrin oversees the MPS Group’s business units and is responsible for the company’s safety program and sales and marketing activities. Since he assumed his current role ten years ago, the company has nearly tripled in size.

Darrin brings a customer- and people-focused ideology and combines his expertise in financial and operational management to help guide the company through its ambitious growth strategy. Immersed in the environmental services industry for over 30 years, including 27 years with MPS Group, he is familiar with all aspects of the business. Darrin began his tenure at MPS Group in 1997 as a Project Manager, followed by Group Manager – Environmental Services Division, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, General Manager of Facilities Management and General Manager of the Industrial & Facilities Services group.

Darrin earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Environment Health Management from Ferris State University and holds a graduate certificate in Hazardous Waste Management from Wayne State University.