MPS Group offers distinct, innovative, tested systems and processes to help you reach your environmental sustainability goals. We consistently introduce various greening programs and process improvement strategies to efficiently eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle and dispose of all waste and by-products that are generated at your facilities, while minimizing your short-term risk and protecting your long-term liability.

Our highly trained experts ensure that you’re in strict compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. And in partnership with you, we’re able to employ proven management techniques to seamlessly drive the most innovative, permanent improvements throughout your entire value chain.


  • Industry Leader in Managing Zero-Landfill Programs
  • Green Program Development
  • Waste Process Mapping & Streamlining


  • Substantial Leveraging of Buying Power
  • Flat Fee or Cost Per Unit Billing Structure
  • Cost Reduction Planning & Implementation
  • Vendor Invoice Validation
  • Consolidated Invoicing


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cradle-to-Grave By-product Management
  • Expert Program Management
  • Proven Training Programs
  • Robust Compliance Audit Processes
  • Regulatory Reporting & Impact Assessment


  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Facility Audits and Reporting
  • Vendor Insurance & Permit Management
  • Performance Accountability
  • Single Point of Contact

Waste Compliance System Software

MPS Group’s proprietary computer software has been created and refined over many years to effectively document and track all by-products managed on behalf of our clients. Born out of the need to increase data transparency and improve operational efficiencies, Waste Compliance System was designed with customer expectations and real-world applicability in mind. WCS is based on three key pillars: Regulatory Compliance, Shipment Tracking and Container Management – all essential components of a successful Total Waste Management program. MPS Group project managers utilize WCS to track essential information such as waste profiles, disposal facility approvals, transporters, supplier audits and waste shipments. Additionally, WCS can be used to track containers from the point of generation to final disposition. As customer needs and expectations have changed, WCS is an effective tool to provide trending analysis, customized reports and data that drive critical decision making.

  • Secure web-based waste tracking software
  • Houses and tracks all waste profiles and approvals
  • Tracks containers from point of generation to final disposition
  • Maintains data on generators, transporters, receivers and shipments
  • Uploads documents (e.g. shipping paperwork, analytical data, approval certifications, and pictures) Tracks Supplier audits and production numbers
  • Three main pillars – Compliance, Shipment Tracking and Container Management
  • Provides reports and trending analysis

There’s one company that safely puts the latest technologies, equipment and innovative processes to work for you – MPS Group. With offices and operations across North America we have you covered for all of your industrial cleaning needs, while helping you control costs — wherever and whenever you need us!


Employee safety is critical no matter what the project or where it is located. That’s why we take an innovative and comprehensive approach to safety, including development of robust health & safety plans, as well as rigorous oversight and monitoring of all aspects of the job site. MPS Group is proud to consistently rank amongst the safest companies in our industry.


MPS Group delivers quality-driven services that control cost, mitigate risk, and safely deliver results. Let us know how we can bring our specialized services to you.

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